What a Great day to be on the range! Weather was perfect despite mother nature throwing everything she had at the range this week to deny our high power shooters from shooting.

It all started Monday night with some massive rain and
A microburst of wind that snapped off some of the White Oak trees on and around the Dead Zero Shooting Park property. That wind ripped down all of the 200-yard line targets and broke a lot of the sensors, repeated rainstorms during the week, and dense heavy fog the morning of Matchday, yet we will not be denied! The show must go on as they say.
We had 13 shooters today. Six shooters down from last month’s Inaugural Match. The weather cleared up enough to shoot when registration was over leaving us with some clouds and nice cool 72 deg. start. Yes, 72 deg. We had quite a bit of wind for an early morning start. The local weather station said 7mph wind with gusts up top 17mph straight out of the
North. Everyone took a beating during Standing with the gusts and let off’s to include me, I even had one centered up in the X ring and caught a nice gust for a score of 7 at 3:00. Errr. High score for Match #1 Standing was Russel Theurer with a 189-6X. Followed by Robert Walker with his trusty Service Rifle shooting a 187-4X. Thankfully we got off our feet and sitting went pretty well for most folks. Match #2 Sitting Rapid Fire was won by Russel Theurer with a 200-13X. Barney Gaskin Came in second with a 198-9X sitting rapid.

Shooters prepare to shoot from the sitting/kneeling position.

Moving onto Prone Rapid Fire for Match #3. Big John Schudel racked up a 199-9X with his Tubb 2K. Right behind by one X was Thomas Adcock and Russel Theurer both with 199-8X. Match #4 the 600 yard Slow fire stage was real sporty as compared to last month. That Wind directly out of the north tore some of our shooters up as it fishtailed from right to left to left to right, spewing 9’s or worse out the left and the right. I witnessed elevation changes of up to 1 1/2 MOA as big thick clouds would go by and then the bright sun would follow causing point of impact changes I have not seen here at Dead Zero to date. Being impatient on one round,
the light condition got me for a nine while not waiting for the sun to come back out. At the upper limit of your shooting career, you will find it’s not so much when to shoot, as it is WHEN NOT to shoot. Russel Theurer had the High Score of 199-10X shooting his Eric Smith built 224 Grendel Match Rifle and the Berger 85.5gr Hybrids over a small amount of H4895. Followed close behind Barney Gaskin and his Service rifle with a 197-8X and Robert Walker had a 197-5X. Great
shooting there fella’s!

We finished the day with the thermometer pegged out at a whopping 77 Deg. Is it still August? hard to believe. We shot under shade and had a great time with friends that’s for sure. I want to thank a few folks, the Staff at Dead Zero who helped get Targets and everything back up, running before the match, Meredith Grant who helped our brand new
shooter who shot his very first high-power Match, Steve Zeatlow, and Steve for coming out and trying our great sport. I also want to thank Jim
Sokolowski for running the line during my Relay so that I could shoot today. Paul Chubet who worked today at the desk of Dead Zero getting entry fees taken care of, Tim French and Chuck Jenkins for getting a couple of golf carts up to the shooting line for shooters to use. Thank you all very much!

Until Next time
Favor Center
Russel Theurer