December XTC Match Report

Very happy to report we were able to shoot an XTC match in December this year. I will take a suggestion from Mr. French and call it the Runny Nose Match. Not completely unpleasant today, but pretty brisk as I would hear a lot of comments about fingers not being felt anymore and folks standing in the sun between relays. No one froze their nose hair to the stock of the rifle so it must not have been that cold?!. I gave everyone the option in the morning whether they wanted to shoot a 50 shot Match or an 88 shot match. It was unanimous for 80 shots. So off we went.

Twenty shots Standing with convertible sighting shots. Service Rifle shooter David Keifer took the lead even on his first ten shots with a 96. Rolling into his back 10 was only dropping one more point on shot 14. Recovering back into the 10 ring he let his concentration slip and bam.. that dang 7 on shot 17… and a 9 on shot 20 to end with a 191-2X for the day’s High Standing score. As good of a score as that is for David.. he was right there Staring at a 195 but one trigger pull away from a 194 or better, on those last few shots.

Right behind him Tim French 189 2X. Nice Work Mr. David. After that first string of sitting rapid-fire, the tide looked to be turning for the new leader of the day. Thomas Addcock shot a 5 and 5 hanging on the scoreboard 5X clean. Not to let that slip he followed it up with a 4 and 6 for a 200 -9X
clean, taking honors of Match #2 Sitting rapid fire. The Service Rifle guys now mopping up on the 200-yard line. Right behind him Jim Sokolowski with a solid 199-12X But this made a dead race between Tim French and David Keifer only a point between the two going into the 300-yard stage.

Look out folks we have a race on the back half of the race track.
Who is it going to be?

300 Yard Prone Rapid fire. Let the tide turn in Tim French’s favor as he shot clean on his first 10 with 5 x’s While David let slip three 9’s, putting French in the lead now with another ten shots to go in Rapid. The targets up and staring down the range, “steady hand” French, ripped down another string of 7’x’s …and on his last two shots… 9’s… Urghh… so close to a High X count clean. Yet still with those nines, the high score at 300yds today. 198-12X. Tim French now in the lead by 4 points. There is only one point spread now for second place of Thomas Addcock and David Keifer.

The race is still on folks as we turn the corner and are now heading down the final straight away to the checkered flag.

600 Yard stage was not nice to Anyone. Lots of Fishtail winds that caught everyone left and right.. Mostly right. Our new shooter Paul Chubet, who was having a pretty darn good day, pulled off an often rookie mistake after his first two sighting shots, And I only point this out as everyone reading this has done this exact same thing. He turned his sights the wrong way and shot an on paper miss just outside the scoring ring.. a not so muttered W T H from that end of the range prompted me to see what was going on.. upon inspection I chuckled… not in disrespect or meanness, but in
sharing of the misery…. yep.. been there…. A BUNCH! It’s OK Paul.. you did great today. There is not one shooter reading this who has not done the same.

Prone shooting Ace Jim Sokolowski held back all comers shooting a 195- 7X to win Match 4 while the other shooters got caught shot after shot with wind direction, velocity changes, the little bullets veering to the left then right then left almost as if there was some unnatural force field around the ten ring of the target. Jim a great shooter had lost too many shots standing on his feet or would have won today’s match pretty handily.

Back to the race with three shooters screaming toward the finish line. French and Keifer slamming doors together, sparks flying Keifer one point ahead on the first ten shots.. but still 3 points down overall to French. Hold on folks it’s going to be close!

Keifer could not regain the deficit from the 300-yard line to overcome Tim French’s score there on the back half of the match. Therefore today’s winner was Tim French with a 773-23X over second-place David Keifer’ 770-15X And third place Thomas Addcock who told me has been doing this since the ’70s. 1970’s not 1870’s mind you.

I also want to point out Our good Friend Curtis Mc Nabb closed his eyes and reached into the back of his safe this morning and dug out a Model 70 Winchester Wood gun, shot today with Redfield Iron sights, five-round stripper clips, and in By God 308! So, as much as I enjoyed watching the leader board change with the match today… It’s a dam great thing to watch a Stripper Clipped 308 wood gun on the line banging away… like this game was intended.

Can I get an Amen?!

So there ya have it.. the close of the 2020 XTC Season at the DeadZero shooting park. Thank you all for supporting my matches this year.

Russel Thuerer.