F-Class & Prone

Prone shooting is the old school style of competition shooting with a 146-year history.  Yes, you read that right, 146 years. Prone shooting, which is often called Sling Shooting, is fired from a prone position using only a shooting jacket and sling.  No other support is allowed.  We shoot with both scopes and iron sights.  The most popular calibers are the 7mm (284 Winchester) and 6mm calibers such as .243 and 6xc.  .308 is also popular and is the only caliber allowed in International competition.  

F Class is divided into 2 disciplines, F\TR and F Open.  Both are shot in the prone position.  F/TR is limited to .223 and .308 only and must be shot off of bipods.  F Open is unrestricted in caliber up to .300 Win Mag, and benchrest style front rests are allowed.  Both allow for rear bag use.  F Class is the easiest way to start in competitive target shooting.  It is easier to learn the fundamentals of Natural Point of Aim, Sight Alignment, and Trigger Control.  


We invite any new shooters interested in shooting Mid Range (600yds) and Long Range (1,000yds) to come out to watch and learn or bring a rifle and shoot!  Our monthly matches are low key and a great way to learn.  We have some of the top shooters in the US shoot our matches every month and we love helping people get started in the shooting sports.

We always welcome and embrace new shooters to competitive shooting sports! Never shot matches before? No worries! We will help you learn and come to enjoy competitive shooting sports.

Check out our Event Calendar at Deadzeroshooting.com every month for scheduled matches.  We look forward to seeing you on the range.

Helpful Links:

Accurateshooter.com is a one stop shop for learning about the rifle shooting sports
http://www.nrai.ie/creedmoor-history.html  For a history of the Creedmoor Match between Ireland and the United States in 1874.

Match Details:

Recommended Equipment:

  • F-Class
    • F Open Equipment:  Rear bag of any kind.  Front rest of any kind is allowed.  The front rest and rear bag cannot be connected.  SEB Rest is by far the #1 choice of front rests., but very expensive.  Benchrest style stock with forend no wider than 3″ is normally used.  Any scope in the 20x – 30x will work.
    • F/TR Equipment:  Front bipod of any kind.  Rear bag of any kind.   Bipod and the rear bag cannot be connected. Any scope in the 20x – 30x  range is good. 
    • You will need around 80 rounds/day.  There will be 20 shots for record and unlimited sighters.  No feeding out of magazines is allowed.  You must single load only.  A shooting mat is highly recommended.  
  • Sling/Prone
    • Shooting jacket.  These can vary from an off the rack jacket from Champions Choice, Champchoice.com to custom made jackets by Kurt Thune and Monard. 
    • You need a glove for your non-shooting hand as padding and a cuff style sling.  A spotting scope and scope stand are also needed.  

Contact Info:

Match Director: Russel Theurer
E-Mail:  russ@deadzeroshooting.com