Long Range Steel Fun Shoot

Ever want to get into Long Range Competition Shooting but don’t know where to start? Then this is match for you! It is a fun, low-key, no stress match for those who want to enjoy the thrill of competing.

The match is designed to give new shooters a taste of competitive shooting and to help get them ready for some of the more serious competitions. We help you determine what style of long range competitive shooting you would enjoy and help you transition into other competitive scenes if you wish!

There is also an entirely optional cash pot you can put into and winner takes all! But don’t worry you only have to put into the pot if you want to!

Shooters put 3 rounds on steel at 600, 800, 900 & 1,000 yards, and the shooter with the most number of hits wins!

Before the match begins there will be a Cold Bore Challenge. The shooter with the best shot from a cold bore wins 15% of the cash pot.


We invite any new shooters interested in shooting Mid Range (600yds) and Long Range (1,000yds) to come out to watch and learn or bring a rifle and shoot!  Our monthly matches are low key and a great way to learn.  The majority of our shooters are new and learning just like you and we love helping people get started in the shooting sports.

We always welcome and embrace new shooters to competitive shooting sports! Never shot matches before? No worries! We will help you learn and come to enjoy competitive shooting sports.

Check out our Event Calendar at Deadzeroshooting.com every month for scheduled matches.  We look forward to seeing you on the range.

Match Details:


      • Matches will be held on the 1st Saturday of each month

      • Match signup in person on the range

      • Registration –


            • SAT- 8:00 am CST

        • Shooting begins 1 hour after registration

        • Price – $20

      Recommended Equipment:


          • Rifle (Preferably one that can reach out to 1,000 yards. Don’t know if your rifle can reach that far? Call our Proshop and ask. We can even get you into an affordable entry level long range rifle if you want!)

          • Bipods or Gun Rest

          • Ammo!

        Contact Info:

        Match Director: Kelly Cobean
        E-Mail:  kelly@cobean.net