November, 2020 XTC Match Report

Its Fall weather like this that makes it the best time to shoot a HighPower match.

Started out when the Sun Came up at 32 Deg and within an hour of being up in the upper 40’s, by the time we got to the firing line after registration, 53.7deg in the shade of the firing line. And somehow we missed all the wind that was blowing this whole last week with it at times gusting to a recorded 47 MPH that of course, had to do a little damage to the range before match day. That all laid down come match day as the flags laid against the poles almost all day which is a rarity up on Cagle mountain. This is a perfect time of year to be wearing a shooting coat all day. It reached 66 deg by the time we finished at exactly 11:58 am with two relays of shooters firing. With this type of weather, a guy would expect some monster scores would have been shot. Yet….. I am sorry to report, none of us excelled today despite mother nature providing the perfect platform to do so. However, we all had a spectacular time, and of course, that is what is most important.

Kicking off with Standing We had two Service rifle shooters shoot a 190. Meredith Grant shooting her garage sale, clean it out of the cobweb corner, random ammo with a 190-1X eclipsed by Robert Walker with a 4X, however, I don’t know if this was Robert’s end of year ammo or not. I didn’t have a Particular good hold today and forced two into the 8 ring trying to control some random garbage pattern on the target for a match-winning 192 with a surprisingly good 7 x’s.

In Match #2 Sitting Rapid Fire, Tim French ripped off a Double Clean for a 200-6X with his trusty Service Rifle. Russel Theurer shot a pair of 100-4X cleans for a 200-8X in the Match Rifle division for the overall Match 2 win. Robert Walker and Thomas Addcock both shot 11 x’s sitting but let a single shot leak out into the 9 ring. Good shooting fellas.

Match #3 prone Rapid Fire at 300yards had not one Clean score. This match went to our current Tennessee Mid-range AND Long Range State Champion, none other than Curtis McNabb with a 199-11X. Right behind him again was Robert Walker with the same score of 199- and 7X.

Match #4 Again Curtis McNabb got down on the ground and ripped off a 200-11X with his trusty 223 Match Rifle. We had quite a few with one or two points down back at the long line with such great weather. Some really good 600-yard scores but just one or two in the dang 9 ring.

Overall Match Winner went to Russel Theurer with a 784-30X, High Service Rifle was Robert Walker and 2nd place with a 781-27X. Sandbagging Tim French also shot a 781- 24X for 3rd place. Oh sorry.. that is MR Sand bagger.. to me anyway. LOL Good shooting everyone. Had a great time today.
If the weather holds out we will do it again next month.

As the late SGM Carlin used to say.
” Yours in Marksmanship”
Russel Theurer.