November matches can and usually do go either way as far as the weather is concerned. The temperature roller coaster could be in your favor or it could be going against you. This month it was right at what it normally should be at 33 degrees in the morning warming up to 55 degrees by right around noon. The wind came to bear its presence today this time out of the south bringing some storm to the area for tomorrow. Wind gusts were pretty high up around 15 mph today. All in all, it was a decent day to shoot as we waited until 9:30 am to start today which allowed the temp to rise up over 45 degrees before we started. I want to say thank you to the shooters who came out to shoot today, and especially a brand new shooter, Jacob Lawson, who has shot two Reduced 100-yard matches, and this being his first full distance 80 shot XTC match.

Match #1 200-yard Standing. And here is where the story begins. This Match was won by Thomas Adcock with a 183-2X but here is the part that will make all of you smile, Second Place is our new Unclassified shooter mentioned above in his first full distance match Jacob Lawson with a 183-1X almost beating everyone. How about that for a brand new shooter? Right behind Jacob is Kwang Kim just one point behind first and second place.

Match #2 200-yard Sitting Rapid The match winner here is Kwang Kim with the only double Clean of the day sitting Ripping off a 100-4X and 100-3X and now in the lead. Second place goes to Jim Sokolowski with a 198-11 X Third Thomas Adcock dropping two points 198-6X allowing Mr. Kim to take the lead.

Match # 3, 300-yard Rapid Fire. Match-winner at the 300 was none other than our resident professional Prone shooter Jim Sokolowski with a 199-10X. Letting slip one 9 on his first string of ten shots. He followed that up with a nice 6X clean on the second half. Paul Chubet ripped off a 97 on his first ten shot string, but used that to get centered up and ripped off a clean on his second ten for a 197-3X for second place. But back to our race leaders, Kwang and Thomas. Thomas finished with a 196-4X while Kwang had a hard yard line that left him now trailing Thomas by 4 points losing that one-point lead that he developed after the 200-yard line. But look behind you…Making up a large Deficit of points Jim Sokolowski with his great 300-yard score is making his way back into the leader’s pack bumping and scraping his way back up to the top. It’s going to be a close finish!

Match #4 600-yard Prone. Holy Cow he is coming on Strong now, Motor redlined and screaming back up to the front Jim Sokolowski Ripped off the only Clean today at 600yds. Half of his shots riding the right side of the Ten RIng while he awaited the wind reversal that ate everyone else up. Sure enough at shot 14, he hung a Wide 10 on the left side of the target that stayed in. Had he not done this he would have for sure been out in the 9 or possibly the 8 ring that everyone else seemed to find a couple of times today. Well Done sir. Close behind our former State Champion Curtis McNabb got caught for a couple of 9’s but otherwise pretty well centered up with a 198-10X and second place. Third place was TN Spickard with a 194-9X with his trusty Service Rifle. So where does this leave our race leaders? Thomas now in the lead after the 300-yard line, While Poor Kwang Kim continued to drop a little bit more letting a couple more shooters pass him by Jim now had his eye on the finish line could not quite make up for this Off-hand but riding the bumper of Thomas Adcock right across the finish line just two points back. The steady driver today TN Spickard slipping into third just one point ahead of Kwang Kim. Thomas was able to ride that slingshot right into the winner’s circle with his arm out the window waving to the crowd of adoring fans. Lots of lead changes and bumping and banging going into the last stretch. What a great match. A big ole Congratulations to Thomas on the overall match win and also if you had not heard he is the 2021 Mid Range Service rifle State Champion from the match in Memphis last month.


First Place went to Thomas Adcock – 769-15X

Second Place went to Jim Sokolowski – 767-28X

Third Place went to TN Spickard – 762-20X

Hope to see everyone in December if the weather holds out one more month!

High Power Match Director

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